Classic hostel with rooftop bar in the historic center of Quetzaltenango.


Shuttle Schedule – Shuttles MUST be booked and paid by 7:00pm the night before.  Some shuttles only run if there are 2 passengers. The shuttle will pick you up at the front door of Kasa Kiwi. Please speak to one of our staff if you wish to book a shuttle or add me to your WhatsApp and message me with your shuttle request. Tom +502 5510-0558

Days and Times subject to change.  Afternoon shuttles often have 2 person minimum.

  • Antigua – 8:00am & 2:00pm – Q225/pp
  • Panajachel – 8:00am & 2:00pm – Q150/pp
  • San Pedro – 3:00pm – Q175/pp
  • Guatemala city – 8:00am & 2:00pm – Q240/pp
  • El Paredon via Antigua 8am Q290/pp
  • Coban/Lanquin – Daily  Via Quiche 7:30am Q450/pp
  • San Cristobal, MX – Monday to Friday 6:00am Q375/pp/

Tours & Treks

Tour and Treks Must be booked 12 to 24 hours in advance. Please speak to one of our staff if you wish to book a trek or add me to your WhatsApp and message me with your trek request. Tom +502 5510-0558  Most treks require a 2 person minimum.

Las Fuentes Georginas

Las Fuentes Georginas

Lovely natural hot spring in the middle of lush green mountains.    Entrance fee is Q60. Transport options are:

  • Round Trip Shuttle @ 9:00am – Cost Q150/pp. This shuttle MUST be booked the night before.  They will pick you up at Kasa Kiwi, take you to the hot springs, pay your entrance fee and bring you back to Kasa Kiwi.  Approx time at the hot springs 2 1/2 – 3 hours.  
  • Uber Q55-Q85 one way.  If you take Uber talk to your driver and ask him to come back and get you at a set time. (Most will say yes but MANY will not come back)   DO NOT pay in advance instead offer to pay a little more in cash when he returns. 
  • Local Bus: take the bus to Zunil from the Shell gas station 1 block to the right from Kasa Kiwi.  The bus will drop you on the side of the road.  You can find taxis here or walk to the main plaza in front of the white church to find a taxi or pickup truck.  Negotiate price to Las Fuentes (Q45 and up).  

RETURN: If you take the bus or if your Uber does not come back you will need to find a ride from the hot springs back to Xela or back to the main road. From the main road you can catch a bus coming back into Xela.  Tell them you want Parque Central.   There are always families at the hot springs if you are nice many of them will offer you a ride back to Xela.  

TIP:  Hidden Pools.  Once you pay your Q60 entrance fee you will be in the parking lot.  On the right there is a restaurant, if you go to the restaurant and tell them you want to use the Anexo you can pay an additional Q25 and go to a set of hidden pools.  These pools are located about 10 mins below the parking lot and are MUCH hotter and very beautiful.  100% worth the extra Q25.  Don’t miss them.

Laguna Chicabal

Laguna Chicabal

Laguna Chicabal is a Guatemalan lake sacred to the Mam Mayan people. The lake is located in the middle of the sunken crater of the Chicabal volcano. in the town of San Martín “Chili Verde” Sacatepéquez  about 1hr outside of Xela. Daily Tours can be arranged, the cost is Q275/person including RT private transport, Guide and Entrance fee.  Other transport options Uber Q65 to Q150. Local Bus: Catch the bus/Van (Colectivo) on 6ta Calle and 15 Ave Zona 3, two block north of Parque Benito Juarez. (NO colectivo on Sunday, goto Minerval Terminal ask for bus going to San Martin Chile Verde)   This bus will drop you off at the main road to the entrance of Laguna Chicabal.  From there you can walk 2 hours to the top. To save time pay a taxi or pickup truck to take you to the car park. From here it is a 45min hike to the top.  Once at the top there is a set of 600 steps you must descend to get to the lake.  Please remember this is a sacred Lake No Swimming.   Entrance fee: Q50.00

Santa Maria/Santiaguito

One of the most popular hikes in Xela is the one to Santa Maria Volcano and the view of the Santiaguito active cone.  The hike takes 3 to 5 hours up and 2 to 3 hours down. Daily Tours Transport & Guide Q250.   In order to have the best chance of seeing an eruption you need to summit before 10am. 

Uber is the best option for this early morning trip.  Suggested departure time is 5:00am.   Uber to Llanos de Pinal where the road ends the trail begins.

The first bus to Llanos de Pinal is at 6:00am-6:30am.  The bus stops across the street from Iglesia El Calvario Zona 1 in front of Parque El Calvario 4ta Calle and 20 ave.  This bus also passes through the Minerva Terminal.  The main road in Llanos de Pinal leads directly to the path that leads to the base of Volcan Santa Maria.

Santa Maria Volcano
Volcan Tajamulco


The highest mountain in Central America and Guatemala is Volcan Tajumulco. It is a huge stratovolcano, which reaches the elevation of 4220 meters above sea level.  
It is definitely possible to climb Tajumulco in one day if you start very early from Xela (Quetzaltenango) or you can do the overnight hike and camp on the volcano.  There is also a late night hike that leaves at 10:30pm returning back to Xela the next day.  To make the trek you need to take the first chicken bus at 5am-5:30am from Terminal Minerva to San Marcos approx. 2 hour.  From the bus station in San Marcos you will need to take a chicken bus which goes to Crucero Tajumulco.  Bus ride will take around an hour. You will be dropped near the crossroad where you can start climbing the mountain.  If you would like to hire a guide here are the current prices.  ALL treks have a 2 person minimum.
One day trek, 4:00am, guide and private transport: Q450/pp 
2 day 1 night, 6:00am, guide, gear, 3 meals, public transport: Q450/pp
1 night *full moon* 10:30pm guide, Private transport: Q500/pp

Cerro El Baul

This wooded hill can be seen from the Kasa Kiwi Rooftop is a popular weekend destination for city dwellers.  It has wonderful views across Xela’s broad plain and to the volcanos that fringe it.  There are some surprisingly fast and scary kids’ slides and a giant obelisk with great Maya warrior Tecún Umán carved in relief – legend claims he is buried on this spot.  The hike takes approx 1 hour from the front door of Kasa Kiwi.  There are 2 routes  you can see on Google Maps, one is longer than the other.  Warning:  Be alert and aware of any stray dogs on either of these routes, they are not friendly.   The shorter route seems to have more aggressive dogs and they do bite.   It is best to avoid any dogs you see.  The longer route follows the road up to the top.

El Baul xela

Cerro Quemado

Head up hill toward Almolonga, at the large turn almost to the top of the highway, take the cobblestone road heading right toward the Cerros and also the thermal baths marked on the highway as “Baños Los Vahos” (a fairly well known spot). The baths are created from geothermal energy from the still active Volcano and are a good stop on the return from a long hike. After heading up the road for about 200 meters, stay straight on  the paved road for about 30 minutes and you will arrive at a community called Chicuá.  At the entrance of the community, take a right off the road onto an obvious trail paved with stones. 15 minutes up this trail will bring you to a soccer field, and from there several obvious paths lead up to the mulit-summit Volcán Cerro Quemado.  Uber is an option to take you directly to the community instead of walking.

Cerro Quemadoo Xela

Xela to Lake Atitilan

3 day/2 night Q750.00/pp

An amazing off the beaten path hike from Xela to beautiful Lake Atitlan. You will be picked you up at Kasa Kiwi at 6am and taken to the trekking office.  Here you will pack your bags and leave any items you do not want to carry.   After a short drive from Xela you hike up through a forest slope to a grasslands plateau, passing through cornfields, and remote villages accessible only by foot, where you will spend the night with a local family (the homestays are very basic, you sleep on the floor with a pad and sleeping bag, which we bring from Xela). Day 2 you pass through 2 remote river valleys, coffee farms, cloud forest and spend the night in a village overlooking Lake Atitlan.  Day 3 short hike to Indian Nose after watching an early morning sunrise over the lake you hike down to the lake passing through San Juan la Laguna and ending in San Pedro at approx. 10:30am.  Please separate the items you do not want to carry and put them in a separate bag.  Your bag with the items you did not want to carry we will meet in San Pedro. Included in the price.

Level: Difficult
Climb: Start 2300mt, high point 3100mt on 1st day.

Included: Private transportation, 6 meals(lunch and dinner first day, 3 meals second day, breakfast third day), entrance fees, 2 nights homestay, equipment, guide and luggage transport to San Pedro on day 3.

Bring: 2lts of water, breakfast 1st day, breakfast/snacks, some money in small bills, large backpack (50+liters) hiking boots or sneakers flashlight, sunscreen, camera, warm clothes in layers and jacket, raincoat during rainy season May-Oct.

Indian Nose San pedro

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